Still the closest shave

The AirFLEX® has evolved into a tougher and more resilient machine, all while maintaining its simple design and providing the closest cut imaginable. With improvements that enhance performance and reliability, the NXT focuses on the future of farming.

Fully flexible cutterbar controlled by air

The independently-suspended cutterbar is light, fast-reacting, and infinitely adjustable.

Reversible mechanical drive

The center drive reduces weight and provides more powerful cutting and feeding action.

Switch from flex to rigid mode

The switch from flex to rigid mode is made from the cab of your combine, at the push of a button.

The draper header you’ve been waiting for

In flex mode, the AirFLEX NXT will shave the ground, picking up more of your peas, lentils or soybeans. In rigid mode, the no-compromise cutterbar will race through taller crops like canola and cereals.

Only cutting in soybeans? There’s an AirFLEX NXT that’s optimized for you.




See which crops work with the AirFLEX NXT
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Cereals (Wheat, Barley, Oats)
Edible Beans
Field Peas


Width (Controlled Traffic Compliant)25' (7.6 m)30′ (9.1 m)36′ (11 m)40′ (12.2 m)45′ (13.7 m)50′ (15.2 m)60' (18.3 m)
Operating weight (including reel)6,769 lbs (3,070 kg)7,398 lbs (3,356 kg)7,912 lbs (3,589 kg)8,660 lbs (3,928 kg)8,990 lbs (4,078 kg)9,226 lbs (4,185 kg)10,371 lbs (4,704 kg)
SubmodelsAll Crop Edition – for flexible and rigid cutting. Includes gauge wheels, subframe suspension and rigid header height control
SubmodelsSoybean Edition – for flexible cutting only. Removes gauge wheels, subframe suspension, and rigid header height control
Cutting SystemStandard – Honey Bee cutting system with SCH sections
Knife DriveStandard - fully synchronized mechanical knife drive
Cutterbar Poly SkidStandard - with sectional panels
DraperStandard - high performance tensioning system and mechanical drive
Center DeckStandard - high performance tensioning system and mechanical drive
Hydraulic SystemStandard - hydraulics are limited to the combine reel circuits only
FlexStandard - a total of 9″ flex in cutterbar
Header HeightStandard – combine needs header height function
Automatix LiteStandard – in cab control module
Reversible Mechanical DriveStandard
Air SystemStandard - on-board air compressor with cab controls (Automatix Lite)
Adjustable Skid ShoesOptional - hydraulically adjustable skid shoes from cab of combine. Capable of adjusting cut height in flex mode from 0 to 8".
Cross AugerOptional - crop flow assistance device with 12" flighting
HB ReelStandard – high strength, high performance reel with multiple crop settings and finger spacing options
Reel DriveStandard - centre hydraulic reel drive (optional high torque reel drive available)
Hydraulic Reel Fore/AftStandard – using combine functions
Slow Speed Transport SystemOptional – heavy-duty road transport with electric brakes (your choice of RV or AG plugs)
Tires / Wheels / Hubs / SpindlesStandard
Combine AdaptersAvailable for most models of self-propelled combines
Automatic Reel Speed ControlStandard – combine must have reel speed circuit
Gauge Wheels & Subframe Suspension*Optional – pneumatically-controlled gauge wheels work in conjunction with suspended subframe for more accurate header height response
Maintenance Requirements4 x 10 hour knife grease / 15 x 50 hour drive-line grease
Cutterbar Poly SkidStandard - independently suspended
HB Vertical ShearsOptional - powered by mechanical knife drive
**Not offered on Soybean Edition. Refer to your pricing pages for details.
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AirFLEX NXTJohn Deere HDFCase TerraFlexAgco DynaFlexMacdon FD2Geringhoff TruFlex Razor
Sizes25, 30, 36, 40, 45, 50, 6035, 40, 45, 5030, 35, 40, 4525, 30, 35, 4030, 35, 40, 45, 5035, 40
Cross AugerOptionalOptionalOptionalNot OfferedOptionalOptional
Transport SystemOptional - Manual AttachOptionOption - Hydraulic DeployOptional - Manual DeployOptional - Manual DeployUnknown
Skid PlatesUHMWPolyPolyPolyPolyUnknown
Header Height CtrlStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
ReversingFully ReversibleFully ReversibleFully ReversibleFully ReversibleFully ReversibleUnknown
Weight - 25 ft (lbs)6,769 (Includes Reel)Width Not OfferedWidth Not Offered5,250 (Includes Reel)7,331 - 7,597Width Not Offered
Weight - 30 ft (lbs)7,398 (Includes Reel)Width Not Offered6,2305,770 (Includes Reel)8,160 - 8,253Width Not Offered
Weight - 35/36 ft (lbs)7,912 (Includes Reel)12,1746,7306,110 (Includes Reel)8,600 - 8,8988,598
Weight - 40 ft (lbs)8,660 (Includes Reel)12,9378,3407,350 (Includes Reel)8,928 - 9,5129,391
Weight - 45 ft (lbs)8,990 (Includes Reel)13,6319,930Width Not Offered9,916 - 10,043Width Not Offered
Weight - 50 ft (lbs)9,226 (Includes Reel)13,358Width Not OfferedWidth Not Offered10,346 - 10,485Width Not Offered
Weight - 60 ft (lbs)10,371lbs (Includes Reel)Width Not OfferedWidth Not OfferedWidth Not OfferedWidth Not OfferedWidth Not Offered
Flex TypeTrue FlexTrue FlexTrue FlexTrue FlexHinged FlexTrue Flex
Vertical Flex Range9"45” (wing range)6"8"11.5” - 17”Unknown
Operating ModesFlex & Rigid (Adjustable from Cab)Flex & Rigid (Manual Adjust)Flex & Rigid (Manual Adjust)Flex & Rigid (Adjustable from Cab)Flex & Rigid (Manual Adjust)Flex
Cutter BarIndependentIndependentIndependentIndependentAttached to FrameUnknown
FloatAir SystemHydraulicTorsion SpringHydraulicCoil SpringUnknown
Center Deck
Draper Speed (fpm)603 - 685Unknown630572350 - 400708
Center Deck Width80"Unknown83"49"79"86"
Cutting System
Knife DriveMechanical Center DriveMechanical Side DriveHydraulic DriveMechanical Side DriveMechanical Side DriveCenter Drive
Knife Speed (spm)1,186 - 1,226980 - 1,0401,2601,2001,050 - 1,4001,100 -1,200
Stroke Length3"4"3"3.35"3"Unknown
DrapersRubber V-guidedUnknownRubber V-guidedRubber V-guidedRubber V-guidedUnknown
Draper Speed (fpm)395 - 473Unknown6305020 - 687Unknown
Reel & FingersHoney Bee Reel (Cam Reel Option)UnknownCustom Cam ReelUII or HCC ReelMacdon Cam ReelUnknown
Reel DriveCenter Driven HydraulicCenter Drive HydraulicEnd Driven HydraulicEnd Driven HydraulicCenter Driven HydraulicUnknown
Reel Diameter47"42"42"45"45"46"

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