By farmers for farmers


Honey Bee Manufacturing was founded by brothers Greg and Glenn Honey and their wives in 1979. They started building their own equipment to meet their own needs on their farm, the first major project being a 425HP tractor. From a 67′ self-propelled swather to a power-unit sprayer combo, they built or adapted nearly everything that they needed for their farming practice.


Naturally, the duo began marketing some of their products. What started as a small business on their farm in Bracken, Saskatchewan, with a simple rod weeder attachment as their only product, quickly grew into so much more. Over the years, their product line expanded. The most popular item was the Grain Belt Header, which offered increased capacity, better cutting, and better feeding. Its rugged and simple design also ensured the product would be a staple on farms for years to come.


In the fall of 1987, the Grain Belt platform was growing in popularity, so they decided to make the move to Frontier, Saskatchewan. Their new location had enough space for increased production capacity and a product line expansion.


Fast forward to today and Honey Bee Manufacturing has over 100,000 square feet of production and warehousing space, enabling them to provide customers from around the world with a diverse offering of draper platforms for a wide variety of crops and conditions.

Honey Bee has evolved the tradition of the draper platform from the Grain Belt to the AirFLEX platform, which carries forward the simple robust design of the Grain Belt while meeting the needs of today’s producers.

Honey Bee has come a long way from those days back on the farm.

With a strong commitment to product research and development, Honey Bee’s objective has always been to manufacture equipment that farmers are proud to own.

Community Testimonial

 “A lot of the opportunity we have here in Frontier is because of Honey Bee. Their community minded spirit has benefited us greatly, whether it’s by helping with upgrades to our local recreation centre, or sending in employees and equipment to help dig the town out of a bad snow storm. I believe this desire to help the community comes from the owners having grown up in a rural community themselves and also choosing to raise their own families here. Simply put, our community wouldn’t be the same without Honey Bee.”

–  Brady Berg, Mayor of Frontier.

Employee Testimonial

“I have worked at Honey Bee for six years, currently as Continuous Improvement Manager. What I like about Honey Bee is that you don’t have to be afraid to ask questions. Teams at Honey Bee are made up of people from different backgrounds and everyone’s opinions are heard. I know that my contributions are important and that I’m making a difference here.”

–  Mathew George
Continuous Improvement Manager – Honey Bee Manufacturing, Ltd